Orals & Video Orals

Orals presentations are the highest-level professional performances on the business stage. There is too much at stake for an unpolished, sub-par presentation of your company’s capabilities. Equipping your team with the necessary competencies to present a masterful, confident performance, is exactly the space in which the Schiff Group leads.

We provide the full lifecycle of elements supporting orals, Chart & Graphic development, messaging, rehearsals, day of event support, equipment, and interpersonal coaching for both Federal and Commercial Presentations. In fact we are the only firm to offer psychological counseling in an effort to assist with public speaking anxiety and panic disorders.

The most compelling solution won’t win you the business unless it’s presented in a powerful and memorable way. Contracts can be lost on an unfortunate turn of a phrase, a misstatement, or a bungled joke. Inconsistent themes and disjointed personal styles can hide inherent strengths, making the most effective teams seem ill suited for the proposed work.

While charts and graphs and graphs are highly evaluated entities, the real value of the presentation comes from your team, their vision, and their story. How well do they work together? Is the proper language used to convey ideas and information? In what manner is the information given? How capable is each member when being questioned “in the moment?”

The goal of an orals presentation is to win the business. In support of this, the Schiff Group’s goal is to create an environment that makes your team recognized and rewarded as the most appealing, knowledgeable and effective of all within the competitive set. We make what could be a difficult decision for your clients much easier; they will think it would be a huge mistake if they didn’t hire you.

The Schiff Group provides full lifecycle support for your orals briefs, from strategy and RFP breakout to full logistics support and rehearsals. We also offer comprehensive out-briefs, best practices, and lessons learned. After all, you are only as good as your last orals.