The Schiff Group Establishes Schiffy Speak and Schiffy Teach: Providing The Highest Level Orals Coaching & Training

October 31, 2014

It is the philosophy of The Schiff Group — led by the diverse, creative Founder and CEO David Schiff — to help business owners evaluate, understand, plan, communicate, and reinforce the differentiating dynamics that ultimately lead to winning new business. To this end, Schiff has launched Schiffy Speak TM and Schiffy Teach TM, offering himself up as an educational resource and industry expert in the field of government and civilian contract procurement.

“The Schiff Group is new school, and it’s exciting,” said David Schiff, who is known widely as Schiffy. “We don’t use the traditional ways of creating presentations and coaching public speaking. The goal of an orals presentation is to bring forth the personality of the presenter and win the business. The establishment of Schiffy Speak TM and Schiffy Teach TM allows us to take that knowledge and training to more people, to help more businesses succeed in their endeavors.”

Schiff has a diverse portfolio of experience supporting aerospace, defense, intelligence, IT, federal, and commercial markets. He is the only 4X Emmy award winning orals coach in the world and together with a collection of partners, colleagues, and subject matter experts, The Schiff Group develops customized teams uniquely qualified for each project and customer.

He provides his clients with the latest in techniques to strengthen skill and confidence while working to diminish the anxiety and panic often associated with public speaking, orals, media, and other professional environments. Offering training when there isn’t an orals capture affords clients the opportunity to be better prepared, and lets them improve speaking skills necessary when tasked with delivering business presentations, hearings, town-halls, client updates, or briefings. Public speaking is a skill rarely taught and often needed. Schiffy Speak and Schiffy Teach bring this knowledge and expertise into classrooms, boardrooms, and conference rooms directly.

Hear Schiffy Speak TM. The man at the helm of The Schiff Group makes himself available for interviews, panels, and round-table discussions with media outlets; corporate presentations, conference keynotes, and networking meetings; and as a college or university guest lecturer. He lives by and drives “the story,” a way of providing logical beginnings, middles and ends to all presentations.

Experience Schiffy Teach TM. He started out as an actor, and stresses the importance of encouraging students — whether in an academic or professional setting — to know their full potential. Schiffy provides an engaging set of curriculum in a variety of subjects, ranging the gamut from Department of Defense capture and proposal processes, to the art of self-marketing, and experiential creativity.

Learn more about The Schiff Group, and how Schiffy can help make your image, your abilities, and your message stand out at

About The Schiff Group 
The Schiff Group is a global consultancy dedicated to creating positive outcomes in all phases of the capture and business development process.