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We have no doubt you believe you’re the best choice to win that next big contract. But you need more than confidence. You need a winning proposal that hits every mark your evaluators expect … and then some. That’s where The Schiff Group can help. We have a team of experts with decades of experience taking client proposals and presentations to the next level of success: winning. We know what evaluators are looking for and how to position you as THE best choice for the business at hand. No one is better at getting to know you and what you do best. And it’s our job to take your best work and make it even better.  We know how to effectively shape and tell your story with complete confidence through compelling presentations in all the forms required, whether in written, oral, or video formats.

First In
Last Out

Those four words are more than just a slogan for The Schiff Group. It’s at the core of how we operate. The best athletes on any team are always the pros who are there the earliest and the ones who don’t leave until the work is finished. That’s us. We’re the first ones there to turn the lights on at the beginning of the process and the last to turn them out when that work is done.

From the moment you hire us, we get straight to work to help you change how you assess and select opportunities, how you position to compete, and how best to win the business at hand. From marketing and communications, capture and proposal to video production, executive coaching, and whatever else the objective requires we will bring your story to life in ways that are fresh, clear, and compelling. And uniquely your own.


The Schiff Group iS:


You won’t find a more passionate group of people to work with. We love what we do. Everything we do is fueled by a burning desire to help your team tell your story with all the enthusiasm and excitement you can possibly muster. We’re there every step of the way to coach, cajole and convince you that you’re ready to rock your presentation.


Our track record speaks for itself. Our clients know we have the experience, expertise, tools, and methodologies required give you the absolute best chance to position yourselves to rise above the competition and show why you deserve to win the business.


We are always confident but never cocky. Some companies talk a big game. We walk the talk. We know what’s at stake and our experience and track record of success gives us the complete confidence to guide your efforts, take good to great and make you a whole lot better and what you already do best. We won’t settle for anything less.


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