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Senior Graphic Artist And Publications Manager

Kym Carpenter

Kym is a talented graphic designer with a certificate of multimedia and design from Platt College and more than twenty-five years of proposal publishing experience. She has the demonstrated ability to produce compelling, compliant artwork and documents as well as manage configuration control on large and complex proposal efforts involving collaboration between many team members across numerous files.

She has led graphics and production teams on over 500 proposals, including many ACAT 1 solicitations. She creates efficient templates and workflows for document and graphic submittal and validates that submitted documents adhere to RFP and proposal team standards. She works with the proposal team to create demonstrative artwork that is readily understood by reviewers with varied technical backgrounds. She is equally adept at producing artwork for documents and oral presentations, including cover art. Outside of proposals and presentations, in her work for the Missile Defense Agency Program Management Office, she published artwork for Huntsville International Airport, RAF Fylingdales, and the White House.

As a proposal specialist, she knows how to efficiently plan and prioritize efforts across review cycles. In her capacity as a publisher, she performs final quality and completeness checks of documents to be submitted and knows how to quickly troubleshoot and avoid many of the pitfalls inexperienced teams may face when expected to meet aggressive deadlines, make necessary last-minute changes, and achieve compliance with unique submittal requirements. She creates memorable artwork that highlights win themes, reinforces brand identity, and maintains a consistent, compliant, and customer-centric look and feel.

As a consultant, she has successfully worked with proposal teams from diverse companies and disciplines, representing all levels of proposal experience. She has led large graphics and publishing teams on highly complex projects, such as for Northrop Grumman’s winning DD(X) Proposal and has successfully completed hundreds of projects as the sole graphic design and publishing resource.

Kym is a conscientious professional who understands the collaborative proposal processes and software, has the artistic ability needed to create custom artwork that tells your story, and knows what it takes to deliver successfully.